Aromas Artisanales de Antigua is an extensive new range of bath and body products with packaging and fragrances inspired by the diverse natural and architectural beauty of Antigua, Guatemala.

About Antigua: A Unesco World Heritage site, Antigua was the capital city of Guatemala until 1776 and is one of the most outstanding and best-preserved Hispanic colonial cities in the world. It has been moved 3 times since its foundation in 1524, and has been devastated by numerous earthquakes but to this day remains nestled in the Panchoy valley between three active volcanoes. The rich volcanic soil of the valley, along with the warm climate in the region, offers the ideal condition for the growth of numerous fruits, plants and flowers, many of which have been the inspiration for the fragrances used in the Aromas Artesanales de Antigua range.

As a poet and wise man once said, "in Guatemala, you can place a pencil in the soil in the morning, by night you will have a tree and by the following morning you will be able to eat it's fruits". The history of Antigua's culture, the roots of which can be traced all the way back to the Mayans, is prevalent throughout the city and is a great source of inspiration for artisans and designers from all over the world.

The Soaps: Aromas Artisanales de Antigua includes a range of 59 soaps in 5 collections; Aromatherapy, Moisturising, Exfoliating, Florals and Fruits. Each soap has it's own exquisite fragrance and a unique combination of ingredients that provide long-lasting benefits to your skin.

• Vegetable based soaps that are gentle and effective.
• Hand made and tripled milled in Guatemala.
• An extensive range of scents are drawn the rich flora of the country.
• Formulated with quality, purity and integrity.
• Cruelty free with no animal derived ingredients or testing - ever.
• Packaging design inspired by the local artisan art.
• Made with love and the greatest of care for you and the environment.

The Hand Creams: Using the same carefully selected fragrances as the soaps, the Aromas Artisanales de Antigua hand creams leave your hands beautifully fragranced and protected. Enriched with 10% Shea Butter, the luxurious and easily absorbed formulation hydrates, repairs and nourishes the skin.
• High quality fragrances reminiscent of the natural fruits and flora of Guatemala.
• Natural ingredients including intensely moisturising Shea Butter.
• Classic metallic tube with vibrant label design inspired by the Antiguan landscape.
• Perfect handbag size for travel and everyday use.

The Displays: The Aromas Artisanales de Antigua is best displayed as a full range but with so many beautiful colours, fragrances and designs, this can be difficult. To help, we have developed a variety of point of sale units to display the products as a collection.

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